Discovering Your True Essence

Getting to the core of our true essence, right to the centre of our soul, to where we know what we know and shine for ourselves and others is a process of peeling away the layers of deceptions, thoughts, emotions, feelings, jealousies from others and every other block of negativity that has built up, layer upon layer on our energy bodies.

This process of peeling away the layers can be an enlightening experience.  You begin to appreciate why you are why you are.   Instead of affirming “This is just who I am” you begin to be aware that this is more like “This is who I choose to be”.   If you suffer from fear of heights that limits you in some area of your life you can choose to go into this layer, discover why you have this fear but release it if you feel you no longer need it.    We often refer to this as our personal baggage and we say quite matter of factly that “everyone has baggage”.    Yet we don’t have to, we can choose to find our true essence by unpacking this baggage be it emotional, or habit patterns that we possess.   Sometimes our personal baggage is so deeply engrained into us that we have to remove a lot of other layers before we get to it.  But that is ok and once we realise that it is ok then we are on our process of finding our true essence.

Getting over the “ego” is the hardest part.  The ego that is the constant ramblings of your mind telling you – “you can’t because that is just the way you are” the ego that tells you “you were told when you were young not to do that by your parents so that must be right – mustn’t it surely they had all the answers”? 

Sometimes our ego tries to protect us, it tells us last time we had a relationship it did not work out because perhaps “I am a control freak no one wants to be with a control freak” so our ego says no don’t go there.   But this is not identification with our true essence, this is merely part of our personal baggage, perhaps we became what we refer to as a “control freak” as a protection mechanism when we were young as it was the only way we could get through a particular situation.  However this layer of what we think about ourselves can be changed, we just have to want it to change, we have to let go off the fear that tells us we can’t.  We have to step outside the ego mind and go within, tap into our true essence and believe we can.  You will get there, baby steps are what they are “steps”, each step brings us closer to tuning into our inner core.

We are not meant to suffer all the time, sure we all get hardships thrown at us, but we just need to learn from them and move on.   Don’t get attached to “things” that are just that – “things”.  The labels we put on things are just words, man-made words that we have attached to them.   For example “fear” is a label we have put on an emotion.   People experience fear differently, some people may feel a fear in their stomach as a churning feeling, another may feel fear as a painful feeling in their head.   So when we tune into this feeling, or as we call it fear, we begin to understand what is behind it, what needs to be healed, what personal baggage needs to be unpacked and send it off on its merry way.

We don’t need to go through life carrying excess or heavy negative energetic links to people who bog us down and manifest as illness in our physical bodies.   We can choose to have these chords cut away and we can choose to drop the baggage.

Being in your own space, having your own power and treating everything that comes to you in life through and with your true essence is a truly enlightening and worthwhile way to live life.

So until next time …. Keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, EFT Master Practitioner, Reiki Master and Quantum Touch Therapist


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