Standing At The Crossroad of Change

Standing at a cross roads of change wondering which path to take can be confusing and scary. Some paths may seem lonely, some safe and some downright dangerous. You may have been forced to stand here at this crossroad because of some external event. You may have felt trapped in a relationship, a job, you may have begun to catch the negative emotions of others, starting feeling resentful, annoyed, or even have become depressed. You may have unwittingly synchronized with other’s thoughts instead of staying in your own power with your own emotional state intact.

Changing path requires huge courage from within. You need to extract that power and pour it into every cell of your body to help you make those first few footsteps. This courage is required to rise up above your old fearful self. Shedding that which no longer serves you, shedding fears that no longer need to linger.

Who comes with you and who doesn’t is not always up to you. Because change affects not just you but those around you, some will come with you on your new path while others will remain stuck in their own fear based realities. These are the ones not yet ready but rather at this time choose to remain stuck in the usual, the usual that although may not be happy feels safe to them. That is their choice.

Like a person who has a near death experience in an accident or someone who recovers from a debilitating disease the need for a new path for some just happens and the layers of fear just fall away. The need to live life to its fullest and to one’s fullest potential jumps out of a person, some don’t know where they get this impulse from all they know is that “life is for living”. They may feel like they have a new chance at life and they are going to grab hold of it and ride the wave of life with a smile and leave the fears of the “what ifs” behind. They no longer feel the need to be stuck.

Tap into the power within as you change direction, call on it guide you to the light. Feel its strength. As you do this you are taking back the power from everyone that you have allowed, whether knowingly or not, take from you. As you let the layers of resistance dissipate, the so called limitations fall to the wayside. The fear that is holding you back vanishes into oblivion. If you believe in your new path and it feels right – then it is. Don’t let the nay sayers change your mind, its your chance, your life, your choice. When you realise your limiting self beliefs are just that “self” beliefs you have found the key to unlocking them and letting them go.

Manifest your own path, allowing the universe to tend the garden of your wishes, use your thoughts, emotions and feelings to guide and pave the way forward. Step out of the darkness and walk into the light. Grab hold of rails, watch for sign posts and seek guidance from within at the next crossroad, for there will be many more challenges ahead but with faith in yourself and most importantly the knowing you are on the right track you are sure to be where you are supposed to be and just at the right time.

Until next time …keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, EFT Master Practitioner, Reiki Master, Quantum Touch Therapist.


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