Understanding Distant Healing

When we speak about doing distant healing (also known as distance healing, remote healing and absent healing) the concept can seem quite unbelievable to many.  Many scoff at the idea and say it is but a scam.  The key issue for many is experimental validation or the lack of it!   But for anyone who has ever had a distant healing session or a distant healing attunement – the proof can leave you feeling jobsmacked – if you were in any way sceptical beforehand.

To begin to understand the concept of distant healing we have to view the body as more than a machine that is controlled by the brain – because even if we do view it that way – what do we know about who or what controls the brain?   It stills needs a programmer to tell the nervous system what to do when it needs to.

Quantum psychics has proved that everything is made from energy, even us as human beings.  We have a life force energy running through us, the life force is what differentiates that which is living from that which is not.   This life force energy is a subtle energy and is part of the spirit that animates all living things.   This spiritual domain is part of a series of higher dimensional energy systems which is the programmer for the brain.  It is these subtle energies that science has yet to recognise.    As Richard Gerber M.D. states in his book “Vibrational Medicine” “If we are beings of energy, then it follows that we can be affected by energy”. 

Because of the fact that we are energy beings, the roots of many human problems are energy problems. Energy follows thought.   Emotions and feelings can be described as energy actions. If an energy problem is left in the energy system for a long time untreated, energetic imbalances may manifest as physical problems or illnesses. Once a problem is found at the energetic level it can be corrected and eliminated energetically, and accordingly the physical body becomes balanced as well.  Healing on the energetic level brings physical health and this healing can be done in person or distantly.

Orthodox medicine has begun to go down the road towards energy methods of treatment, for example therapeutic radiation to treat cancer and electromagnetic fields to stimulate healing of fractures.

As well as understanding our energy bodies another important aspect to understand is our connectedness to everything.  A well known Quantum Physicist David Bohm concluded the reasons why subatomic particles can stay in contact with each other despite vast distances is not because they are transmitting some unknown signal back and forth but because the separateness of the particles is an illusion.  Bohm surmises that at a deeper level of reality the particles are not individual entities but are extensions of the same fundamental something and everything in the universe is infinitely interconnected.

And this knowledge and understanding that we are all interconnected is the reason why distant healing energy can get transferred over long distances.  It doesn’t make any difference if the person transmitting the energy is in a different region or country than the recipient.  Also the knowledge that energy follows our thoughts and intentions – and that it is our intention during a distant healing session is to send healing energy to a person is an important concept in distant healing.   We set our intention to send the healing energy, we either have a written name in front of us or a picture, and the energy follows our intention – it has to as we are all connected!

Here’s an interesting little experiment to try for yourself.

When your energies are tied up with someone whom you think has injured you, is your enemy, or has rubbed you up the wrong way part of your spirit remains linked to that other person, this depletes your own energy system that you need to maintain a healthy physical body.   To overcome this we can send some distant healing to that person asking that their heart centre be filled with unconditional love, forgiveness and acceptance of themselves for how they are, the good things about themselves and the qualities they do not like in themselves.   You will often find that the person softens towards you and will no longer be a source of irritation to you! (You don’t need any formal training to do this, just set your intention).

You can visit my web site for more details on the chakra energy systems that make up our body or to book a distant healing session or obtain a Reiki Attunement distantly with me.   After your 3rd Master attunement you will then be able to use this healing method for your own self healing, assisting others to heal themselves and to send distant healing to anyone who needs it (getting permission is always advisable if at all possible, but if not sending the healing for the person’s highest good is a guarantee that if the person does not want to receive it, or for some reason it is not appropriate for them at that time, they will not get the healing).

I recommend Richard Gerber’s book on Vibrational Medicine for a comprehensive understanding of all subtle energy therapies.

Until next time, keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, EFT Master Practitioner, Reiki Master and Quantum Touch Practitioner

References; Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber M.D.

One thought on “Understanding Distant Healing

  1. Thank you for your eloquent words on distance healing. I, too, am an energy arts practitioner and appreciate the way you speak of the collective consciousness as including people who may not necessarily have asked us for a healing. The intent is for the Highest Good.

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