Holistic Parenting

The whole area of holistic health for children is one I am deemed to play a huge role in.  When I see and hear the benefits my own two children get from energy medicine and the more holistic approach that I am striving to take I know that you can never start when they are too young. 

The more I realise that our self limiting beliefs and self esteem issues are set from such an early age I know that I have to change my way of parenting to best support my children.   I have learnt that praising them all the time is not the way to build self esteem as my oldest son realises when I praise him and he says– “That’s you just saying that Mum and you are going to say that anyway” – and he is right, of course I am going to praise him.  

But it is getting children to take the best approach to problem solving themselves, to looking at a situation and figuring out what the consequences are if they make a particular decision, to having them know that Mum and Dad love them unconditionally but that sometimes Mum and Dad don’t like what they have done that matters.   This is what builds character and an adult who does not carry around false beliefs about not being good enough or always having to seek approval, or show off.  It builds characters who do what they do for themselves whilst having respect of what the consequences will be for others.  

What parent does not want what’s best for their child?   We are blessed, in some ways, to live in an information technology world where we can “google” just about anything from parenting tips to choosing the best homeopathic remedy for our children.   The more tools we can have as parents, in my view the easier it is for us to help our children.  

Of course if we have false beliefs about ourselves that we picked up when we were young we would do ourselves well to rid them first!   We have learned from what our parents did or did not do!  I remember reading somewhere that whilst our children love their parents most would say they would not want to end up like them, or parent the way they do!  Now that says something doesn’t it! 

It’s hard to get it right all the time but I liken it to de-cluttering a room.   Take it step by step, cupboard by cupboard.   It’s no good pulling everything out at once cause you just end up with a right old mess in the middle.  Start with small things.  One tip I picked up recently is that my facial expressions can say more to my children then my voice at times – and boy when my kids are arguing again I am sure there are times when my face can seem quite scary when I look at them!  

Another thing is not letting what other people think about a situation be the reason that you react the way you do – that’s a hard one!   If your child does act up in public the first thing we think mostly is “What will all the people around me think of ME – they will think I am a bad parent”.  We are judging ourselves and putting more emphasis on what other people think of us rather than the child.    My husband, two children and I were out for a meal the other night and my 3 year old son, who is a lovable little devil began crawling around under other people’s tables, as I felt my blood pressure rising my first thought was “Everyone is looking at us” instead of just dealing with what my son wanted to do, although there is a time and place for everything!  It’s the way I, as a parent reacted to what my son was doing that was the most important thing in that particular situation and not what the neighbours were thinking!!! 

The use of energy medicine too is phenomenal for children.  Getting rid of blocks in a child’s energy system before the blocks grow as time goes on as they get triggered day by day, getting rid of the fear that they have over something, building their self esteem ..it’s huge.   From simple things like being afraid of a bee to eliminating a stammer … all can be achieved through energy work.   Children without limiting beliefs, children who believe in themselves, children that don’t have to give their control away to anyone else as they know how to deal with situations … a new more empowered generation of children who are happier, healthier and at ease with themselves and all around them…

Until next time .. keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, EFT Master Practitioner, Quantum Touch and Reiki Therapist


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