Embrace The Winds of Personal Change

I laughed yesterday when I was excited to have found the most fabulous jars with sealable lids in a shop, perfect for homemade jams, preserves, dressings etc.  I bought 4 of each size, they were on sale too!  I said to the Sales Assistant “I used to get excited about buying clothes now I get excited about jars, what does that say about me?”  She looked at me and not wanting to hear a negative about myself I said “Actually, don’t say anything”.  But she smiled and said “It’s maturity!”  I smiled and thanked her.     And so it is for me.  I have changed. 

Can you remember what you wanted to be when you were young, I don’t?  I don’t remember my dreams or aspirations and don’t really know if that is sad or just a sign that I now in my dream’s reality!  

But just as our dreams and aspirations change – we let some of them get shattered too sadly – our expectations change, our personal boundaries change.  What may not have bothered us when we were 20 bothers the hell out of us now.  I never really stopped to ask what tree huggers were just believed what I heard that they were all crazy hippies hugging trees, but now I can actually feel the energy emanating from a tree when I am beside it – I have learnt to stop and really feel energy, and it’s amazing!

As for personal boundaries they too change, as we get older we realise that we don’t necessarily have to carry all the emotional baggage dumped on us by people when we were young, carers, parents, siblings, teachers, whomever.   We have the born right to have a happy life and if that means changing our personal boundaries then we can choose to change those boundaries and set them in concrete if that is what we need to do.   This does in no way mean you stop being nice to the people you used to be nice too, it means that you be nice because you want to and not because you always have and it’s just what you have to do.  There is a negative connotation hanging on to that belief and what you are doing, you are not doing in a nice way and for the right reasons.

We can have limiting beliefs too hanging out of us, dragging us down to the bowels of the earth; we do things there again because we feel we have to; well you know something – we don’t have to.  

Whatever you feel you need to change in yourself to be the “yourself” of the now, not the “yourself” of yesterday – change it.   Tear down the walls that you have built around yourself to “protect yourself”.   Stand up for what you belief in.  The walls will come tumbling down themselves when you are being true to yourself, to your heart, to what is right and suits you now, yes now today, the present moment where all is good and can stay good if you choose to let it happen.

Until next time, as always keep the faith …

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, EFT Master Practitioner, Quantum Touch and Reiki Therapist


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