It’s all very well to be told you need to be on the right path and to ensure you are living your life purpose but what if you don’t know how to do that or what it means?   What if you are struggling to find your life purpose?

In my opinion it’s all about what feels good inside – knowing what you know.   I completely changed career 3 years ago and when I look back on some of the jobs I held while I freelanced in the “Celtic Tiger” days I know that those experiences brought me to where I am now.. especially the bad ones, the “nasty” people whom I did not know how to handle and let them take my energy from me.   I now realise I attracted them into my life for a reason but luckily I learned my lesson and have let them go.   They are not easy lessons to learn but thankfully I no longer look back with bitterness .. for if I did they would still be taking my energy .. no I look back and thank them as they made me strong.   I only hope they have changed for their own sake!

The best gauge to ensure you are on track is to pay attention to your emotions.  How do you feel in a situation?  If it doesn’t feel right – it probably isn’t.  I am not saying life suddenly becomes a bed of roses when you are on your right path but you get the courage and strength to handle things better.  You make wiser choices and learn to keep your energy  in check, not letting anyone drain you, or if they do knowing how to replenish it.  There are always lessons to be learnt and always junctions to choose a path at.   Our gut instinct, which we all have experienced at some stage, is a fair indicator too, if it feels right – it is!  How many times have we felt like doing something because our instinct told us to and then did not at the last minute and regretted it later.   Our gut instinct is our knowing – it is telling us what we need to know and its our guiding star .. that which shows us the way.   We just need to learn to quite the mind and listen to it.

Fear is one of the biggest hurdles to get over in life and such a huge emotion.   Fear is what keeps us stuck in a violent marriage, a job not suited to us etc.  The fear of moving on, fear of not being good enough, fear of not being able to cope.   Once we can calm our mind and realise this and realise we need to change direction and get out of this viscous fear shaped cycle, we take the first step to get on the right road.

So next time life throws you a hurdle to jump or a junction to choose from take the turn that says “love” instead of the one that says “fear” or even better still right now at this very moment, get off the fear shaped path.  It’s then you will realise what living your life purpose and being on the right road is all about. And remember to follow your heart as then you will discover your true destiny.

Until next time .. Keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, EFT Master Practitioner, Quantum Touch and Reiki Therapist


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