Chasing Rainbows

A great Irish tale talks about there being a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow.    I liken that pot of gold to the end result of any journey, going through the reds, the blues the yellows, journeying along meeting the obstacles gliding over or around them, going up the ups and down the downs, going around the bends and turns, until eventually there it is in all its pride – be it a finished project, a course completed, a new baby – the pot of gold in all its glory.

While we need to get to the end of the rainbow we need not always have to chase it so hard.   Sometimes the opportunities are there right in front of us, but the fear of failure or the fear of taking a risk holds us back from giving it a go.   Sometimes we get stuck in the blues, feeling like we are not worth it, or that someone has let us down along the way.  These are all situations that need to be assimilated and then let go.   We don’t always have to make it so hard on ourselves.  We can bypass some of the turns, sometimes we just need to ask for help, asking for help is more a sign of strength than weakness.   We have to help ourselves too, feel positive at times when really that is the last thing we feel like, but even looking at something from a different angle, and even from another’s point of view can cause a shift in the right direction.  Look back and be grateful for the things you have done so far and take solace and pride from them, let them be your guiding force to go conquer more of what  you want.  We have one opportunity at this life so we may as well make the most of it and never look back and be sorry we did not even try.   Take that leap of faith into the unknown if that is where your heart guides you.   Sometimes we need to be almost childlike – like the way a child looks at a situation with open eyes, in awe of the world and all its possibilities.   A child will seldom look for a negative they just see that pot of gold and jump head first into it getting that what they want.   And always try see the glass half full and not half empty.

If you are feeling stuck or indecisive about something ask yourself – What are you doing to find your pot of gold?  What would you do if you found it?  Would you recognise it?   Are you stuck in the middle and cant find your way out of the mist?  There is always a way out, its just a matter of finding the right route for you at that moment in time, go within and seek the answers, they are there waiting to be tapped into.  Rid yourself of fear, for it serves you no good, absorb the possibilities that are around you, take a chance, make a leap of faith for truly at the end of every rainbow you will find your pot of gold.

Until next time .. keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, EFT Master Practitioner, Quantum Touch and Reiki Therapist


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