Tips to Energise Your Christmas

Trees are up, presents bought, children smiling, watching robins.   Glistening lights and shiny baubles.   Cinnamon smells and carol singing. 

With Christmas around the corner and the in laws packing their bags to join in many people become stressed, unhappy and dread the impending onslaught that Christmas can be.  

Here are a few tips to make it more energised. 

Firstly just because it was a disaster last year when Jake and Donna fought all the time (again) and brought up the same old stories from their past it does not mean that this year has to be the same.   Don’t dwell on last year.  Focus on this year.   Visualise the Happy Christmas you want, hold that dream and re-play it over and over.  Feel it.   Believe it.   No fighting, no squabbling just happy smiling faces.  If that is what you want …  have it!

Create good positive energy in your home.   De-clutter where you can.  Round tables create good conversation where the energy circles around the table, no need to throw out your square table though decorate them with beautiful colours and cover sharp edges with a nice bright coloured table cloth. 

The strong reds and purples associated with Christmas decorations represent the fire element.  Be mindful to balance these strong colours with some calming colours like whites and greys.  An over load of fire element colours can cause burn out and emotional outbursts.

Play up lifting music, but not too loud.   Keep the lights dim but not dark, use candles to soften the mood and purify the air.     The air we breath affects our mood so ensure the air is clean and fresh not hot and stuffy.

Burn lavender and rose essential oils, both stress busting and calming oils.  

Add healthy food choices with plenty of fresh vegetables, salads and fruit for better energy and less bloated guests!  Add grated carrots mixed with roasted pine nuts with some good quality olive oil, homemade coleslaws and fresh spinach or whatever salad choices you wish.  Berries are associated with Christmas, fresh cranberries can be added to all courses.    Jugs of fresh spring water served with dinner, offer fresh mint and lemon squares for added punch and good digestion.  And offer herbal teas for dessert, as well as the cappuccino!

There are ways to make this Christmas the best ever, think positive, be positive and be mindful to keep that energy balanced!

Until next time keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, EFT Master Practitioner, Quantum Touch and Reiki Therapist


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