Mine’s a Skinny Latte ..What’s Yours?

Whether your choice is a skinny latte or a double espresso you have to make a choice, a choice that sometimes we don’t even stop to think about, “Because I always have a skinny latte” I hear you say.  Deep down would you prefer to pick the Caffẽ Mocha with yummy chocolate syrup or the Cappuccino with the lovely fluffy milk on top?    Your choice!

Who is looking – who cares?   Are you having the skinny latte because your weight watchers mate is with you?   If you are, you are not following your heart, not being your true self and probably harbouring negative emotions such as guilt and resentment because of your choice.

Often times people turn away from what they regard as “new age” attitudes that tell us that we get sick because we don’t think positive enough .. or if we did not hold onto all that resentment we would not have a tumour now.   But it’s the choice we make as to how we look at things … as Wayne Dyer says “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change”.  Changing your attitude to how you deal with a situation is the bottom line really.  Look at the situation, look at the lesson to be learned .. “Oh right so what is the lesson for me now that I am in chronic pain from the accident”.    My answer to you .. “Change the way you look at it”.  Sometimes we just have to stop and ask “What are the blocks that make me hold onto this pain (or whatever you are suffering from).   Am I being honest with myself is there a secondary gain for me for holding onto it – will everyone suddenly stop giving me all the support I am getting if I no longer have this pain, will I suddenly become the centre of unwanted attention if I loose all this weight – how will I cope?”  Ask yourself honestly “Am I sabotaging myself?”  What if you choose to deal with the emotional aspect and take it from there .. there’s always an emotional aspect to a problem no matter what it is.   Whether it be hatred for the way the pain makes you feel or the guilt if you have that Caffẽ Mocha with your weight watchers friend looking at you!

Don’t let fear stop you making the choices you want to make, the choices that serve you best at this moment of your life.   If you want the Caffẽ Mocha go have it with no regrets.  It is your attitude to it that matters, your enjoyment, your happiness of having a cuppa with a mate, a time to relax and unwind or a time to clinch a business deal.   Be grateful for this time and have no regrets.

It is time to really be who you are, who you want to be, not what someone else wants you to be.  Don’t be the sheep that follows the flock, follow your truth and innate wisdom and let your truth be known.. at least to yourself anyway.

And by the way I don’t like skinny lattes .. mine’s a Cappuccino thanks with a double shot of espresso!

Until next time keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Meridian Energy Therapist (EFT), Quantum Touch and Reiki Practitioner


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