Control Your Own Destiny Switch

You are in control of your life .. no-one else but you.   You can choose to keep your finger on the destiny switch and control it yourself or you can choose to let someone else control it for you.

Be brave if you find yourself in a situation you would rather not be in .. a relationship, a job or something else.   Your actions today, your thoughts your emotions and your  actions define each minute of tomorrow.   Begin to think positively about your situation.   Pick out what you want and what you don’t need ..what is dragging you down and keeping you from enjoying a fulfilled life?

Clouds of change drift into and out of our lives all the time, some bring opportunities and some challenges.  Life is not meant to be perfect we have lessons to learn and these lessons will keep coming into our lives until we deal with and learn from them.     Remember every cloud has a silver lining but you won’t be able to see that silver lining if you let the clouds engross you, and be you.   Learn what you need to and let it drift away and as it’s drifting away it’s then you may find the silver lining .. when one door closes another one opens …

We change as we go through life, you no longer have the needs that you had 10 years ago so why keep the same old negatives patterns going .. don’t do the same old thing because you always have done.   Those old patterns need to be changed too .. as you change let your life patterns change too . today turn one negative into a positive no matter how small it is .. it’s all evolving to a better you – for you.

Have trust in your own heart felt feelings and follow that guidance it will surely lead to a fountain of opportunities.   Immerse yourself in that fountain, let it fill you with its wisdom and let you realise your own innate knowledge and power.  That power that is within and waiting to be tapped into.  We all have it it’s just a matter of knowing it and believing in it.

Every negative emotion is but a blocked sensation in your energy body crying out to be released – do you really want to live with chronic pain, do you really want to put your life at risk by over eating, do you really want to live with low self esteem – of course not – who would?    Like the Phoenix Rising rise up from the ashes remember to keep your finger firmly on your own destiny switch and make the changes you need to today… it’s in your hands.

Until next week .. keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Meridian Energy Therapist (EFT), Quantum Touch and Reiki Practitioner


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