Unpack The Excess Baggage And De-Clutter Your Life

We all carry around so much baggage, some of it not even our own, imagine we inherit other people’s baggage as if we don’t have enough of our own – how crazy is that?  If we experience something bad in our life and a negative emotion is attached to it and if we don’t process that emotion this can get embedded in our energy system clogging it up and cause un-necessary grief and even illness.

Luckily we do have a choice.   We can carry on lugging the back pack of life while it drags us down or we can choose to rid ourselves of it.   First however comes acceptance.   Until we accept that yes we are sabotaging ourselves carrying around stuff we no longer need we will stay the same.   You would wonder why some people choose the harder path but unfortunately many people refuse to accept that they have problems and prefer to go through life wallowing in those problems.  Sometimes people hold onto them subconsciously.   We all know someone that consistently gives out about someone else, always has and you know always will sometimes to the point where you would love to say “You know you have been carrying around that negative feeling for the last 30 years maybe it might be time to let it go, for your own sake?”

Some people carry a victim persona in their back pack and play the victim card and they might not even know why they do so as it might relate to something that happened in their youth that they cannot remember.    Not serving you now though its time to release it!

We can become mentally drained by our baggage.   Wasting our wonderful life force energy complaining about something that will never change or someone that will never change – why not decide to change yourself and watch the ripple effect!!  It really works!

Ok what else is in that back pack … resentment .. stuck anger .. let it go.   Anger is obviously a big one.   Its ok to get angry its only when we hold onto it, store it, make it a part of us, let it become us that it gets out of control.

It sounds like a life of utopia with no problems or negatives in our lives.   But be assured it’s not that hard really to take control back.  Firstly we have to admit the problem/emotion or whatever, secondly we accept it always remembering we don’t necessarily have to agree with a situation but just accepting it for what it is and then lastly and most importantly releasing it.   With the Law of Attraction so talked about and with people in general becoming so more aware of it we are becoming more conscious of the need to de-clutter our minds and think positively.

The only way to truly become present and live in the now is to un pack the baggage and go forward with a sense of freedom and happiness.   In this moment know yourself, be yourself and trust yourself … always remembering that all the answers are within.

Open your back pack today and have a look inside you might be surprised what your are holding onto .. and as always until next week,

Keep the faith …………..

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Meridian Energy Therapist (EFT), Quantum Touch and Reiki Practitioner


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