The Portal of Possibilities

A portal of possibilities opens up to those of us who make the decision to de-clutter our minds.   We make room for the new – it literally is out with the old that no longer serves us and in with the new.

What someone said to you 5 years ago that still makes you mad no longer serves you – accept it for what it was and then let it go – hey they don’t even know you are still holding a grudge against them so who is still suffering?  Them – no I don’t think so.

When negative emotions get embedded in our energy body they manifest as all sorts of this and that on the physical body.  She made me mad I am going to eat this cake and see if she likes it – does she know you are going to eat the cake and if she did would she care?   Who is suffering?  She – I don’t think so.

“He left me for someone else and now I am alone, this pain in my back is crippling me at least its consistent and never leaves me”.  An emotional attachment to a physical problem, which will never leave you as long as you choose to hold onto it.

Emotions grow and change – resentment and bitterness grow out of anger that gets stuck and changes its forms.   Why hold resentment and be bitter when you could take back control of the steering wheel of your life and change those emotions to those of acceptance and love.   “Love” you might say, “how could I possibly love someone who wronged me”, it’s not an easy thing to do.  You don’t have to agree with the wrong they did for obviously that would be a case of self destruction as opposed to self love.   You just have to be strong enough to say “I forgive you”, you don’t have to do this face to face, but in your heart forgive them.

Some people write forgiveness letters releasing everything that has been done to them that no longer serves them – anger, hurt, sadness.   The shift that occurs can be miraculous.   Being free of the past and allowing yourself to go forward without anger, resentment and hurt can truly open the door to the Portal of Possibilities.   Give it a go you have nothing to loose.

And as always keep the faith …

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Meridian Energy Therapist (EFT), Quantum Touch and Reiki Practitioner


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