Take Control of Your Pain

We underestimate how our emotions affect our body.   Our body is meant to work properly unless we are doing something in our life that brings the energy out of balance like a mother carrying a baby on her hip will temporarily affect the mother’s body alignment.   Our emotions are stored in our energy body which in turn impacts our emotional and physical body.

If you are suffering from pain be it acute or chronic don’t let it define who you are – you are not your pain and realise you do have a choice not to let it be you.    When we go into battle with pain we are energetically empowering it – we are programming our brain to say that there is a battle going on but remember there are two sides in any battle one who wins and one who looses.   We have been conditioned to think this way.   We hear all the time about the “battle against cancer” or we are “fighting against an illness”.    However peace cannot be achieved though the process of war .. they are opposing energies.   Don’t go into battle with pain to eliminate it instead empower yourself in the process of pain release.   If you are suffering from pain make a decision to look at the emotional component of it (there is almost always an emotional component to pain) and ask yourself “What is the emotional meaning that is driving the physical pain, why does my body want to hold onto the pain”.  And before you say “It’s not my fault I am in pain ..I am not holding onto to pain because I want to ..” don’t fight it this time just go with this.

When someone decides to change their attitude to pain and decide to first accept it  and deal with the emotional component they are choosing peace over war.   You don’t have to be defeated by your pain – this is a limiting core belief and unless you change this belief it will remain with you sabotaging any effort you make to release your pain and no matter how many years of taking pain killers it will still be there.   Change this limiting core belief to one of acceptance.  Some people say that they cannot be happy until this pain is gone however this is not so, if you change your belief you are empowering a shift to take place.

Start by saying “Ok I have this chronic pain in my back, its not who I am, I am going to have a deeper look and see what is behind it”.

Allopathic and energy work can work hand in hand, I am not in any way declaring that people should throw their medication down the toilet.   Just look at your symptom in a different way.

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique works with blockages in our energy system.   When you tap you express yourself, you need to be honest with yourself and let go of what does not serve you.   This is why it works so well.  An EFT practitioner goes through rounds of tapping with clients, who tap on meridian energy points using the clients own words for example “Even though this pain is wrecking my life …” etc. Each EFT session is personal to the client and by the end of a session or a series of sessions the client will have successfully released the emotional component of a problem leaving them either pain free or more able to live positively with life as they are.   There is no claim to cure but the feeling of releasing all those negative emotions that are attached to pain – for example fear for the future financially if you are not in a position to work, fear that you will not be able to look after your children or whatever are released.   Release these negative emotions and realise the world is your oyster.

End your personal battle with pain and start living your life to the best of your potential,

Until next time,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin EFT, Quantum Touch and Reiki Practitioner


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