Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss .. You Can Change

It is all very well to be told by someone who has not been on diets all their life or who has not had hurtful remarks made to them about their weight – to change their behaviour about food and to stop eating certain foods for the benefit of their health.  It must sound at times demoralising.   Even people that have a problem with emotional eating know that they are damaging their health and are going to put on weight but being put down again and being told to do something else and go on this must do diet only adds to the problem – a feeling of guilt that they have failed so many times before and probably will again anyway even if they do start a new diet.

The problem is not just about changing the foods you eat it is changing your self sabotaging self beliefs that are buried deep in your subconscious.   You might even be surprised that certain memories are still being kept their, blocking your advancement with your weight loss.  Were you called names at school?   Were you hurt in some way as a chid and afterwards got rewarded with food?  Do you now associate food with rewarding yourself?   Did you get food rewards when you were good when you were small from your parents and now associate food with towing the line and doing the right thing so as to get someone’s approval?    Such beliefs unless addressed will continue to sabotage your ability to shed the weight or in some cases to put weight on.

Sometimes there is what is known as “psychological reversal” going on and we don’t know it.   Psychological reversal is saying one thing yet holding a deep down belief that is in polarity to this.   If a person suffering from psychological reversal seemed to have tried everything and anything to loose weight and were muscle tested on a sentence like “I want to shed my weight” that would test weak because deep down they just do not believe that they can shed weight so psychological reversal makes the opposing happen to them i.e. they will not shed weight.  Another example can be found in some cases of weight loss when a person is using will power alone in order to help themselves they may find ways to excuse themselves for eating more when on a diet.  However will power was not meant to be used on a long term basis, if it is used long term it drains the body of energy which can manifest as another type of disease.    If someone has gone on a diet using will power alone rather than releasing the emotion that causes the person to either over or under eat, at a very hard time in life when something happens to them they probably will just go and eat.   And then there is the accompanying guilt afterwards, the emotional feelings of having failed maybe yet again and all the pain that brings with it.   Psychological reversal can be cleared with therapies such as EFT.  The root of the problem i.e. in this case the psychological reversal is brought up, tapped and is gone forever.

I read a statement recently in an article on weight loss that said that “some people prefer the pleasure they get from food than the pleasure they get from liking themselves”.   I thought this was rather harsh and unfair.   There are reasons for emotional eating … Ahem … it is called Emotional Eating so obviously what is behind it are emotions !!  .. but to say that people eat because they prefer food than liking themselves to me immediately says – self esteem issues – a negative emotion about oneself – a negative emotion to be cleared.   There again when you were a child you may have overhead someone say “She is no good, she will not make much of herself” and this got sucked up and buried in the subconscious only to come back and bite you each time there is an issue with self esteem and sometimes can manifest as overeating or under eating.  If you even learn to like yourself you are more than half way there.

We are all in charge of our own destinies and that includes weight loss/gain.  If you really want to you can change.   Get rid of self sabotaging self beliefs without feeing guilty for having them – you may have been a child when you learnt them it was not your fault you had not yet learnt the ability to distinguish good from bad, its not your fault but the good news is can change.

Until next week .. keep the faith

Dolores Andrew-Gavin EFT, Quantum Touch and Reiki Therapist


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