What is this Energy Healing All About Anyway?

Friends and acquaintances often ask me what is it exactly I do.  In the past I used to be shy to tell people, I obviously knew what I did but to try and explain it and especially if I knew the person that had asked me thought I was “one of those that did that kind of thing” whatever “that kind of thing is in their mind!”.   But the more I study energy and the amazing results I see myself both in my self healing and in my healing sessions with others all I can say is Wow I am glad I got into “this stuff”!

Absolutely everything is energy, we are all energetic beings, even money is an energetic exchange between someone buying something and someone selling something.    We have a life force energy running through our bodies, when that stops flowing then we cease to exist in this body.   When the life force energy is flowing smoothly we are in good health and emotionally in a good place but when the life force energy is imbalanced this can manifest as an illness.   Imbalances are caused for a variety of reasons and it is important to note this because if someone has cancer and they keep hearing that cancer is caused by stress and blocked energy systems they may start feeling guilty that they have actually brought cancer into their lives themselves, and you know they have enough to deal with without adding guilt as well.  There are other outside influences of course that cause illnesses.  But the influences we have ABSOLUTE control over are the blockages in our energy system caused by something as simple as something negative someone said to you when you were in school aged 5!    For example if someone says to you when you are young “You are stupid at school, you will never pass your final exams” a child might very well suck this information in, store it in their subconscious and actually have a belief that they are stupid and this causes a little blockage in the flow of the life force energy.  This child again might then be told by a teacher “You are just not getting this right, you need to learn it or you will never pass your exam”.  The original block gets a little bigger.  Then a few years later when they are taking final exams or doing work exams a negative emotion creeps in about the exams thus adding more substance to the blockage and the person may find themselves stuck in a rut when it comes to exams, they might suffer real anxiety around exam times because their subconscious is still telling them “You are stupid, you will never pass your final exams”.   And all from an event that happened when they were 5 that got stuck in the subconscious and got added to by other comments and emotions.

Since I commenced studying meridian energy systems my mind has been opened to the possibilities of freedom that we can give ourselves by ridding ourselves of the blockages in our subconscious.    An example of how to find what is hidden in our subconscious is by muscle testing.   While saying a true statement our body agrees with, our muscles remain strong, but if we say a false sentence, false to the subconscious even, our muscles go weak, this gives a lot of information as to what is actually stored in our subconscious.    This is also why EFT works so well as it gets rid of the false stuff that is stored in our subconscious.  Sometimes people are afraid of such things as sheep, they know themselves that this is a ridiculous animal to be afraid of but deep down somewhere in the subconscious an association has been made with sheep i.e. a fear has been created.

Quantum Touch is a hands on healing therapy which I also practice.  With my attention and my intention focused I facilitate healing to occur in the person I am working on – our body’s have a natural intelligence which allows us to heal ourselves.  No healer heals anyone, we just facilitate the healing to take place in the other person.  Through the principal of resonance and entrainment the “illness”, “sore neck”, “emotional pain” etc. entrain to the higher vibration that the practitioner has built up thus allowing healing to occur.

That is also why distant healing works so well, it is about our intention and we all know energy follows thought … what you put your attention on happens i.e. distant healing in this instance. … it is your focus on intention to heal and the attention you give in a healing session that makes distant healing so powerful.

So now when someone asks me what I do I am proud to say I practice therapies that facilitate healing in others, therapies that rid people of fears, phobias and blocks that stop them having a fruitful, abundant life .. just like it was intended.

Have a happy life and dont forget to keep the faith,
Dolores Andrew-Gavin EFT, Quantum Touch and Reiki Practitioner


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