Creating positive energy with Feng Shui

Just as energy flows though the meridians of our body creating harmony, balance and wellness so too does it flow though the environment in which we live.    Just like when an imbalance in our energy field manifests as illness so too can an imbalance occur in our environment which causes stagnant or excess energy pools which can create disharmony and disruption and in some cases illness and chronic fatigue.

The energy in our environment is either yin or yang, quite and stillness are yin while noise and activity are yang.   To put this in terms of our home or work environment to produce a yin type energy this is enhanced with circles, dark absorbing colours, curves and soft drapes.   To produce a yang environment include angular shapes, patterns and bright reflecting colours.   What we want to achieve is an environment where the energy flows smoothly with a balance of yin and yang.   This creates the correct environment for whatever is being sought – happy families, more effective work situations, better finances etc.   If you are sitting at your computer for large amounts of time placing a crystal or a plant beside the computer can help balance the negative energy coming from the computer.

Clutter is a major cause of stagnant energy anywhere.   Dark corners with cobwebs and perhaps a dying plant all cause the energy to get stuck.   Clothes, shoes and storage under a bed does not allow the energy to flow smoothly in a bedroom and can cause negative energy perhaps manifesting as insomnia in some cases.   Unfortunately stuffing everything in the wardrobe is not going to help there is energy everywhere even in wardrobes!   Also the energy from the day you have just had will be on your clothes so it is best to put the clothes away when going to bed and not just throw them on the floor beside you. (As if you would!)

Every area of a building i.e. house or office has its own bagua which is basically a map of how the energy moves within a defined space. Different sections relate to different parts of our life e.g. wealth and prosperity, fame and reputation, love and marriage, health, creativity etc.   If you take a look at some part of your life where you are having problems or are perhaps stuck take a look at the bagua of your house and see if the energy in that particular area is stuck too – is there a box full of wellies, hats and God knows what just instead the door of your home or at your back door stopping the energy running smoothly and freely?

One of the easiest ways to check if the energy is flowing freely in your home is to imagine the energy as water. Imagine it flowing into your home from the front door where would it stagnate?  Would the water flow smoothly to all areas of your house, or would it rush out the back door? What blockages would it encounter on its way?

You don’t need to completely re-decorate your house if you feel the energy is not flowing smoothly.     Clearing clutter is the first step you can take, pick a corner a day or under a bed a week – have a goal that is reasonable for your time and energy.   Throw out the dead plants, dust the plastic ones if you feel you need them, ask yourself do you really need that ornament that your first boyfriend gave you – will your life fall apart if you throw it out?  – it probably wont!  Don’t clutter the energy in your environment let it flow freely and smoothly.   Invest in a nice tall plant for corners to allow the energy to flow upwards – and don’t forget to water it!

Having a harmonious balance of both Yin and Yang Feng Shui energies in your home or work environment will create the quality of energy you need to live a healthy and fulfilling life.   Remember – potential needs a bit of breathing space – get rid of clutter!

Here are a few small tips for Feng Shui in your home.  (If you want more professional advice seek out an expert – feel free also to ask me – I am not a qualifed professional just very interested and well read on the subject!)

The Living Room – On the mantelpiece have things in pairs with a plant each side of the fireplace.   When a fireplace is not being used in the Summer put a display of seasonal plants in front of it for lifting the energy.    If there is a dark corner in the room add a mirror.  Yellow is a good colour for gathering energy and people.

A kitchen should be clean, orderly and free from clutter.

In the bathroom keep the toilet seat down (this could cause some fun!!)  Add some plants.   This is a good room to have bright and cheery.   Over an open toilet place an upward growing plant in a bright yellow pot with gold trim as bright colours and reflective metal hold energy and uplift it.

Enjoy the de-cluttering and as always keep the faith ……

Dolores Andrew-Gavin EFT, Quantum Touch and Reiki Practitioner


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