Grabbing your potential

A discovery was made in 1925 by Albert Einstein and became known as E=MC2.  Very basically put this means that everything which exists in the entire cosmos is a vibrating frequency of energy .. from the cosmos to the physical body and beyond.   These energies join together with energies of the same vibrating frequency to form what we perceive is reality and determines what we experience in the physical world.   We reach the potential that we allow ourselves reach.   We don’t go beyond that which we wont allow ourselves go beyond.   Fear attracts more fearful experiences and so on.   If we believe consciously or subconsciously that we cannot reach a bigger goal than the one we have then we wont.   Or we can turn it around and believe that we can reach a goal that is so big we cannot even perceive it .. and we will.

For most people that do not manifest what they truly want it is not because they don’t want to experience such changes but it is because we are not taught these things growing up, unfortunately we don’t learn Quantum Physics in mainstream education .. what a pity! We just believe our thoughts to be rational, logical and realistic and not self sabotaging perceptions regarding potential and possibility like they are.

Look into the universe and see it’s expanse .. it is infinite .. full of potential – endless potential.   Whatever you desire .. your soul mate, your perfect job, your perfect weight albeit your ideal healthy weight, financial abundance whatever you want you can attain it.  It’s not really “a secret” you just need to change your attitude and your mindset and really believe that you can attain it.  Vibrate at the same frequency as it.  And just because you attain what you want does not mean that others need suffer there is enough for us all .. an infinite amount.  Unfortunately it is our decision to hold onto negative self sabotaging beliefs that we cannot do something that holds us stuck where we are .. not getting that promotion .. not having enough money .. not believing that we can loose that weight.  We feel like we could never make as much money as that other person we just don’t have it in us, but we all do.   That other person just does not sabotage themselves with negative thoughts of not being able to do something.  They just do it.

We heal our consciousness by giving our attention to that which brings us joy.  Our possibilities are limited only by ourselves.   All that is needed is a shift and a willingness to try that which is open to us, a change in the way we perceive that which is possible.   Take the blinkers off, glide like a stallion over the fences that come our way, fences that we consider obstacles, possibly there to make us slow down for some reason, to teach us a lesson but nonetheless an obstacle that can be gotten over just by holding the positive thought about a positive outcome instead of the negative thought and saying “See I told you it would never work for me!”

There exists potential and possibility that extends beyond what we can comprehend… its that infinite .. go out grab a bit of it for yourself.

Until next time … keep the faith

Dolores Andrew-Gavin EFT, Quantum Touch and Reiki Therapist


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