Learning acceptance does not mean surrendering to someone else or to something else.  Acceptance is about having deep self love and accepting our lives and what happens in it no matter what that is.  Learning to have self love is probably a good starting point for someone who wants to have more acceptance in their life.  Learn to look in the mirror and be happy to say “I love me” and not in an egotistical way but in a way that states that you accept yourself … warts and all!

It is hard when someone acts in a hostile way towards you, says something to you that literally wounds you, knocks the breath from you – especially if it is out of the blue and not justified.    But don’t get caught up with being right or wrong.  Of course it is hard to accept this and pour love on the situation.  But once you do the peace you feel is worth it.  You no longer hold onto the negative feeling that THEY have instilled in you, you feel almost lighter and happier.    YOU give yourself this gift of happiness and it sets you free.  When you start to treat yourself better you also feel better .. it’s liberating!

Because you attract into your life what you put out there if you let people walk over you will you will attract more of that into your life.  By not being in a state of acceptance, by getting into the situation, re-living it in your head, you have literally given your control to another person and will not be in position to change until they decide to.   Who wants to hand the controls over to another?

Live in the moment and accept what is happening in each given moment, rather than trying to fight or resist it.   In the now all is good, what happened in the past cannot be changed, you cannot change what someone said to you but in the now all is good and your future can be determined by how you react.   Don’t waste the “now” moment on a past event.   Respond with love and that’s what you will get back.   It’s not always easy … not at all but the consequence are far better for you.   Negative emotions and thoughts cause dis-ruption and dis-ease.

I go back to mindfulness a lot but when something happens to you that causes you hurt, stop, breath and be mindful.  It’s funny because literally when you get the breath knocked from you when someone really wounds you the best thing to do is catch your breath and breath!   Being mindful allows you space, space to find the answer, the space to really know how you feel about the situation, the space to make a choice, a choice of either being the victim or choosing peace.  It is your choice.

When you learn acceptance you take back control of your life .. you no longer hand the controls over to someone else .. you no longer allow their action control you, your mood, your behaviour and your thoughts, no more un-unnecessary conversations in your head driving you crazy, what she says and what he says and what they might say!!  Take back the control of your life .. don’t give your energy to someone else .. practice acceptance its worth it …

Until next time … keep the faith.

Dolores Andrew-Gavin Meridian Energy Therapist (EFT), Quantum Touch and Reiki Practitioner


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