Feel the fear and do it anyway!

Feel the fear the do it anyway!

Oh what a great piece of advice given to us by Susan Jeffers.  Feel the fear and do it anyway.  And what good advice it is.   When we are starting off on any new journey in our life whether it be as a new parent, starting a new job, deciding on which course in life to take – fear can often raise its ugly head, engross us and leave us in a heap unable to make any decision at all!

Many of the fears we have in adult life that have their roots in our childhood.  Someone might have told us that “There is not enough money” “We need to work so that we can feed you so you wont go hungry”.   Just like all negative emotions the fear a person might have may have a number of aspects or layers associated with it.  Being told that there was not enough when you were young might have an associated emotion of anger attached to it, anger that there is not enough, there might be an association with guilt, guilt that your parents have to work so hard in order to feed you.   All aspects need to be addressed, accepted and then released before true healing can be obtained.   If you felt this guilt when you were say 7 you did not have the  sense to realise that it was not your fault and that you had nothing to be guilty for but you took on that guilt and you stored it deep in your energy system.   A feeling of lack around food could also manifest as an emotional block with food later in life which could cause either weight loss/weight gain problems which wont go away until the underlying fear is released.   (I discussed emotional weight loss in a previous blog).

If you were told as a child that “You are not good enough …” that could cause you fear at a later stage as the stuck emotion will tell you and remind you “You are not good enough” when you try and do something.   Being told “You are bad at Maths, bad at reading”, or whatever, at an early age you are like a sponge and suck this information up and believe it, it forms a block in your energy system that you may not even know is there until you have a decision to make later in life and suddenly this fear emerges from nowhere (or so you thought) and tried to ..and probably did jeopardise everything .. again.

A certain amount of fear is probably good for us, makes us question if something is actually right for us, it can often teach us something but like everything else in life .. in moderation.  Most fear is fear about something that might happen in the future that has no basis and you may not understand why you feel such fear in your body.   When you feel it, it is one of those times that Mindfulness comes in handy (see previous blog), it brings you back to the present where you will realise YOU are not fear but that fear is an emotion .. an emotion to be accepted but then released leaving the rest of you to be .. YOU.

Excessive fear is thought to impair the functioning of the kidneys leading to kidney infections and long standing fear impairs the functioning of the immune system … so we do not need to keep fear we need to release it!

Fear can often mask itself as denial, being in a state of self denial can be a safety mechanism which shields the fear we have buried deep in our energy systems. However if we get under this denial, see what it is covering and then accept it a whole world of possibilities can open up, mainly FREEDOM.

Barbara Ann Brennan states that “Each negative life experience can be seen as a healing cycle that takes us into deep levels of the self that we had forgotten for a long time”.

Don’t fear letting the fear go .. it’s not worth it.

That’s all for now and until next week … keep the faith

Dolores Andrew-Gavin EFT, Quantum Touch and Reiki Practitioner


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