Clearing Anger with EFT

We all feel angry sometimes and its ok to let off steam and to air anger constructively.  However anger is not an emotion to reside in for long as if we do it will ultimately manifest its ugly head in some sort of physical disease.  Anger drains us of our energy, emotional freedom, and personal power.  Sometimes we get angry at someone if we feel they have attacked our ego when in fact they are trying to offer constructive advice, or we may perceive an injustice to our integrity and sometimes this can persist for many, many years.   Anger and happiness are incompatible. Anger is a negative emotion and negative emotions get embedded in our energy system, and cause blockages.  As Gary Craig, EFT expert states “The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system”.

When anger is weighing us down, causes us stress or is manifesting as a disease its time to let it go .. forever.    Sometimes people block letting things go and use the block as a safety net, they feel they get comfort from people who know that they have been wronged and become so accustomed to that comfort they are afraid that if they let go they might loose this comfort.   However holding onto a negative emotion is not a good thing.. for anyone.

Sometimes we can be angry at someone and they DON’T even know we are angry with them, they are getting on with life and we are suffering in an angry state and maybe even adding to the anger we have towards then by being angry at ourselves for being angry … double anger clogging up our energy system.  If someone has done something wrong against us it is a normal reaction to feel anger but we need to accept this and then let it go.  Its not doing us any good holding onto it.  And also it is essential to realise that the actions of the person who wronged you, whilst probably wrong and possibly even appalling does not make that person an awful or appalling person.  We all do things that are less than our usual behaviour at times, something that is not representative of our true selves but this does not represent us either in the overall scheme of things and does not make us a terrible or appalling person.

James R. Averill, Author states in his book Overcoming Anger; “We do not make ourselves unhealthily angry about the actions of people we do not like nearly as frequently as we do about the actions of those close to us”.  This is because we see so much of them and have higher expectations of them than we do of those less close to us or of strangers.   He goes on to say “When we have high expectations of others we find it easy to bring our rigid demands to our expectations”.   Having rigid, unbending demands towards someone and becoming unhealthily angry if they don’t live up to these demands is .. well .. unhealthy.

Psychologists Christopher Eckhardt and Jerry Deffenbacher state that anger has the following physiological consequences – increased heart rate, increased general muscle tension, trembling or shaking feelings, sweaty or clammy hands, rapid breathing, restlessness or agitation, a feeling of being on the edge and stomach pain.

EFT is an effective therapy to clear out all the blockages in our energy systems.   Even if what has made us angry happened a long time ago and we don’t even remember the actual event, EFT can still eradicate the blocked emotion.    Sometimes even an emotion of anger might have different layers that might need to be addressed, there are often several  incidents that contribute to a person’s problem for example an emotional part, memories of a situation that caused anger, fear of becoming angry again etc. etc.  A successful EFT programme will leave a client knowing that all aspects of their problem have been dealt with even if it is a clinging onto something out for fear .. fear of loosing one’s comfort.  All these aspects of a problem can be dealt with and will leave a client free .. free of limiting negative beliefs .. free to get on with life.. free of disease caused by disruptions in our energy systems.   Just FREE

Until next week … keep the faith

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, EFT, Quantum Touch and Reiki Practitioner


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