One Life to Live

It’s only those who aim for the bull’s eye that get the bull’s eye!  There are no limitations but those we place on ourselves.   If you are at a crossroads with your life stop, take stock and make the changes you need to – you only have one chance!  We have got to stop relying on the past and the mistakes we have made – if you made a mistake, acknowledge it, learn from it but move on!   Just like a Judge passes a sentence on a person who has done wrong we pass sentences on ourselves all the time we say things like “I am stupid”  or “I failed last time” or “I have not got enough” and we move ourselves into a prison of unhappiness, jealousy or envy. We are always passing sentences on ourselves.   There is always a voice in our head, but you are not the voice in your head.  We create our own prisons and gladly walk in and throw away the key.  It is not up to anybody else to get us out of the prison we have created we have to undo the sentence ourselves.

We have to find true inner happiness with ourselves in what we do and what we have – an unhappy person will be unhappy in a mansion, with the best job, with a Ferrari or married to the best looking man or woman!

It is the mind of man that is bound and it is the mind of man that goes free.  Nothing in truth can bind man only his mind.  It is the past, the thoughts, the feelings.  If we don’t find that inner happiness we will never be content, we will always be seeking new careers, new husbands and wife’s, new houses but they don’t provide us with what is truly missing – the more you want something – coming from mind that is not free – the more miserable you be if you don’t get it and if you do get it you will always be afraid of loosing it and not really enjoy it anyway.  We are possessed by ownership.

Create the future you desire – let go of past limitations, go forward with confidence and find that inner happiness.

“I was like a boy playing on the sea-shore, and diverting myself now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.”  Isaac Newton

References; School of Philosophy and Economic Science, Dublin.

Remember .. Keep the Faith!


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