Get a bit of Self Love .. you deserve it!

Self love is a whole world apart from a manicure at 9 followed by a pedicure at 10!   Self love is deciding whether to be a victim or a powerful person.    It can be hard sometimes to ditch the victim role and stand up for yourself but you know when you do it attracts better treatment for yourself, increases your self esteem and as I have said before “like attracts like” if you treat yourself with respect others will follow suit – it’s just the way it is.

I am sure you have often heard the saying “you can’t love others unless you first love yourself”…

It’s human nature to take things personally, unfortunately we get scared, afraid, worried and get so caught up in life and its circumstances we cant see the wood from the trees.  But it’s our response to a situation that determines whether we’re a victim or a powerful person.   It can be hard to begin to change a lifetime of habit.  But it’s important to remember that you control how others treat you.  Complaining aint worth the paper its written on!

Do you resonate with any of these examples?

You feel like your problems are worse than someone else’s – THIS CAN BE FELT BY A FRUSTRATED MUM OR AN OVER WORKED CEO – turn it around – realise that everyone has crosses to bear, some people just don’t complain as much as others, try find a solution to yours stand up and take a stand for yourself.

You get angry with people for not doing what you feel they should do – remember – nobody has any idea of what really goes on in other people’s lives.

Also we all react differently to situations, you just gotta realise this, sometimes we may feel like we deserve an apology whilst the person on the other side of the table feels they deserve one!    Take responsibility for what is going on in your life, it’s the first step to change.  We create our reality.

Don’t use the “If only you had not done that” technique!  This gives yourself an excuse for not taking responsibility.   We have to learn to react differently.

AND NO its not easy and sometimes its damn hard but it is sure as hell worth a try.

So next time you feel that you are being walked all over, remember to not allow it – say no, express how you feel about being treated the way you are being treated.   Having self pity replaces your power – its no good it brings you to the “Poor me” and you know something that brings about more “poor me” situations into your life.   Is that what you want????  So join with me and lets have a “Self Love” month for the rest of June and if that goes well have a self love month for July, August and … for the rest of your life.

Until next time …

Keep the faith.


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