The Tooth Fairy and all That Jazz

“I’m not too convinced about the tooth fairy” says my 7 year old Conal to his Dad en route to school the other morning.   He had told me earlier that he smelt my “room” from the €2.00 coin that I had left the previous night!  Jeepers I was still believing in all that jazz till I was double his age!  Haven’t times changed.

Iarlaith who is 2 had his development check last week.   He quite happily played with a football, which he spends his life doing, and overall all the boxes for development were being ticked.   Then the book came out with the pictures and he is asked “What’s this?” as the nice Public Health Nurse points to a ball.   He looks at her like she has 10 heads and shrugs as much to say “Do you not know?”.   He did not play ball at all with the words.   I was doing my best to say well he can say ball, and he can say doll etc. etc. …. Until out of the blue he spots a magazine and says “Man U, Man U”!  Two minutes later he spots something else and says DSI, DSI!   The Public Health Nurse looked at me and said “I think we will have to up date these books ….”.

Its hard to know whether all this is good or bad, the argument for kids being up to date with technology –v- Kids with Face Book accounts by the age of 9 … scary stuff.   I attended a talk recently in Conal’s school given by Barnardos generally giving advice about internet safety, wow it was an eye opener to realise just how many kids are on social media sites at such a young age.  The one big piece of advice which I took from  it was about password safety and not letting your child share their password with others .. even best friends ..!

Anyway if you fancy chilling out this Bank Holiday Saturday and want to avoid the sun for an hour or two (yea right I hear you say) drop into the Ballybane Enterprise Centre for a therapy session of your choice for just €5.00 for 20 minutes. There are some great talks on too including one on Mindfulness, there is a Sat Nam Meditation and Kundulini Yoga, face painting for the kids, stalls for the adults etc. etc. etc.

Have a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend whatever you do.

Until next time … Keep the faith!


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