Children and Holistic Care

Conal my 7 year old was recently at the dentist and he was excited about it (I smiled to myself thinking isn’t innocence bliss!) as the poor lad had not been to a dentist before.  He did need treatment (juice has been banned since!) and to the amazement of the dentist when he saw the “pliers” he shouted “Mammy I need Reiki!”   Obviously Mammy gladly sat beside him and did a mini treatment.   He sure loves his Reiki sessions – he feels a tingling in his feet and gets all relaxed – Ah am so glad I can do this for my son!

I first discovered the power of alternative medicine when Conal was diagnosed with asthma when he was 3 and I was told that he would have to have an inhaler, he had been on antibiotics and steroids several times.  I just did not want to go this route and instead I looked at the possibility of treating him holistically.   I booked an appointment with Lillian a Homeopath and thankfully have never looked back since.   I also attended a one day course on what to have in a homeopathic “first aid” box and have dipped in and out of that since with great results.   If Conal does get a dry hoarse throat I give him a homeopathic remedy (there are various for coughs you can pick up a leaflet at most health shops).  When Iarlaith who is now 2 was teething I gave him Chamomile.

I think that holistic remedies can be used alongside allopathic intervention with great results and when necessary and obviously if either of my children required an antibiotic they would be brought to a doctor (but thankfully neither have since I went the holistic route).

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is another modality I have used with success for Conal.  I came across it on a web teleseminar where Nick Otner from the Tapping Solution was talking.    I purchased a book and DVD and now use tapping quite a lot.  Basically it’s like acupuncture without the needles where you are physically tapping on your meridian points.   When you start off you can feel a little crazy tapping away but when it begins to work …..

I also researched tapping for children and used it on Conal as well, he had developed a slight stammer, it was not bad enough to bring him for speech therapy but was something that was niggling me.  Anyway we started tapping at night, I helped him and made a story out of it and … hey presto!   There are EFT practitioners all over the country – check out a web site called Holisto for a listing.

Both of my sons also get frequent Quantum Touch sessions whether it is to relieve sore tummies, sore teeth, relief of common cold symptoms .. you name it!

Give it a go if you have not already and let me know what success stories with other therapies you have had.

To love what you do and feel that it matters—how could anything be more fun?”     — Katherine Graham

Until next week …


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