Deciding on which holistic therapy to try

As my 2 year son Iarlaith lies belly down on the floor having yet another tantrum I am glad I have discovered meditation and other holistic self healing therapies to ensure that I can deal with the joys of parenthood and all that comes with it and still hold onto some sort of self esteem and normality in my life!   My favourite guided meditations at the moment are from Max Highstein  and Sharon Fitzmaurice 

I have been using holistic remedies with fantastic results for a long time from burning aromatherapy oils to treating my now 7 year old with homeopathic remedies for coughs etc.

I find that people can get confused and wonder which holistic therapy they should try and which one would best suit them.   There are a huge variety of therapies to choose from, from Reiki to Acupuncture, Quantum Touch to Reflexology.    Taster days and evenings that are often held by various groups and charities are an ideal way to sample various sorts of therapies at a low cost.   A group of therapists called Holistic Community Therapists Galway are holding such a taster day on Saturday the 4th of June 2011 at the Ballybane Enterprise Centre, Ballybane, Galway.  Sessions cost just €5.00 for 20 minutes.  Check our their Facebook page – Ballybane Body and Soul for more details.


One thought on “Deciding on which holistic therapy to try

  1. Taster days are absolutely brilliant for “tasting” a therapy and seeing which ones suits you! I’d highly recommend them. I’ve attended a few and think they’re wonderful – you get to have a taster of a treatment or treatments at very little cost!

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